The furthest corner of Indonesia and last stop before Papua. Long beaches with white sand as soft as flour lined by coconut palm trees. Tourists can be counted on fingers of one hand. This is also Indonesia. These are Kei islands.



We, Lucy and Gerson started Savana Cottages at the end of the 90’s. We are located at Ohoidertawun Beach, near the small village. We have 2 cottages with 4 bedrooms, each of them have very nice and comfortable beds and ofcourse a cooling fan. There is also a small porch with a view at the lagune …

Between the 2 cottages there is a small building with some simple toilets, sinks and showers and mandi.

You can enjoy a free coffee , tea or fresh water at our livingroom in the main building. We ask a smaal fee for a beer or soda. There are also enough books etc. so you can experience the silence and view, while relaxing in the hangmock just outside..

At the porch we have a large table were we serve breakfast /lunch /dinner.

Lucy and Gerson will gladly give you advise about the possibilities to explore Kei-Kecil. For example, you can rent scooters (automatic /half automatic) or make a daytour with at taxi to the most beautiful places on Key Island where everything is still untouched. You will meet the local kids : “Mister mister ! Selfie? Selfie? ” Or what about a boat trip? We can get you in touch with the people who will give you an unforgettable day!

Roomrates  250.000 RP per night for 2 persons

Breakfast   45.000  RP
Lunch         45.000 RP
Dinner        80.000 RP

We also can arrange your transport by taxi from the airport to Savana Cottages if you let us know in advance!

 We’re looking forward to your visit and hope to see your soon!

Lucy and Gerson


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